5th Belgrade Summit of Interventional Cardiologists


President of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Boris Tadic


TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine

Tomica Milosavljevic, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia

Božidar Đelić, Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia


  • Serbian Heart Foundation
  • Institute for Cardivaskular Diseases
  • Working Group on Interventional Cardiology Cardiology Society of Serbia
  • Cardiology Society of Serbia


  • With the participation of the EAPCI, a registered branch of the ESC
  • Clinical Centre of Serbia
  • Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • Belgrade University, School of Medicine

Meeting Scientific Programme jointly organised with EAPCI

With the support of the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions

The "BASICS+, 4th Belgrade Summit of Interventional Cardiologists" is accredited by the European Board of Accreditation in Cardiology (EBAC) for 24 credit hours of External CME credits.

The learning objectives of the BASICS+ are:

  • education of interventional cardiologists
  • to update physicians' knowledge with the latest evidence based concepts in interventional cardiology
  • to train interventionalists in treatment of difficult lessions' subset

The targeted audience is interventional cardiologists /radiologists, as well as general cardiologists, internal medicine specialists and other physicians interested in interventional cardiology and adjunctive treatment of patients undergoing interventional procedures.

The "BASICS+, 5 th Belgrade Summit of Interventional Cardiologists" is accredited by the European Board of Accreditation in Cardiology (EBAC) for 24 credit hours of External CME credits.

Each participant should claim only those hours of credit that have actually been spent in the educational activity. EBAC works in cooperation with the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME), which is an institution of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS).

In compliance with EBAC/ EACCME guidelines, all speakers/ chairpersons participating in this programme have disclosed potential conflicts of interest that might cause a bias in the presentations. The Organising Committee is responsible for ensuring that all potential conflicts of interest relevant to the programme are declared to the audience prior to the CME activities.

Symposium "Inovacija znanja 2009" in Serbian, that is organized from April 06-07, 2009, is not included in EBAC accreditation. Only BASICS+ is accredited by EBAC.

Course Directors

M. Ostojic (Belgrade, Serbia)
A. Colombo (Milan, Italy)
C. Di Mario (London, United Kingdom)
J. Fajadet (Toulouse, France)
J. Ge (Schanghai, China)
O. Katoh (Toyohashi, Japan)
Y. Louvard (Paris, France)
S. Saito (Kamakura, Japan), Founder of the Belgrade Workshop
G. Sianos (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Course Co-Directors

A. Doganov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
O. Goktekin (Eskisehir, Turkey)

Scientific Board

President of the EAPCI

William Wijns (Aalst, Belgium)

Scientific Co-directors

A. Lafont (Paris, France)
E. Picano (Pisa, Italy)
V. Kanjuh (Belgrade, Serbia)
S. Nedeljkovic (Belgrade, Serbia)

Comsultant Co-directors

A. Arandjelovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
M. Djukic (Belgrade, Serbia)
I. Jovanovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
Lj. Mangovski (Belgrade, Serbia)
A. Neskovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
D. Orlic (Belgrade, Serbia)
D. Sagic (Belgrade, Serbia)
G. Stankovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
S. Stojkovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
V. Vukcevic (Belgrade, Serbia

Organizational Staff

Organizational Director and Course Co-director

Milan A. Nedeljkovic (Belgrade, Serbia)

Secretary General

B. D. Beleslin (Belgrade, Serbia)


V. Giga - [email protected]
M. Dobric - [email protected]
M. Markovic - [email protected]
Z. Mehmedbegovic - [email protected]

STAFF: Involved in data acquisition and patients examination

Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases, Clinical Center of Serbia
Head: Lazar Davidovic, MD, PhD

Department of Cardiology
Head: Miodrag C. Ostojic, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC

Cardiology ward I with Center for Hypertension
Chief: Danica Matic, MD, PhD, and Associates

Cardiology ward II With Center for Myocardial and Pericardial Diseases
Chief: Petar M. Seferovic, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC, and Associates

Cardiology ward III With Center for Electrophysiology
Chief: Miodrag Grujic, MD, PhD, and Associates

Urgent Cardiology Ward
Chief: Zorana Vasiljevic, MD, PhD, FESC, and Associates

Urgent Medicine
Head: Jovan Perunicic, MD, PhD, and Associates

Catheterization Laboratory Staff:
Miodrag C. Ostojic, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC, Chief
Aleksandra Arandjelovic MD, PhD, FESC
Srdjan Aleksandric, MD
Branko Beleslin, MD, PhD, FESC
Miodrag Dikic, MD
Milan Dobric, MD
Vladimir Dedovic, MD
Jelena Kostic, MD
Zlatko Mehmedbegovic, MD
Milan A. Nedeljkovic, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC
Dejan Orlic, MD, FESC
Goran Stankovic, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC
Sinisa Stojkovic, MD, PhD, FESC
Vladan Vukcevic, MD
Miloje Tomasevic, MD, FESC
Milorad Zivkovic, MD

Head Nurses:
Nada Josifovski, and Associates
Milanka Lukic, and Associates

Head X-ray technician:
Dragan Brkic, and Associates

Pericardiology Team:
Petar M. Seferovic, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC
Arsen Ristic, MD, PhD, FESC, and Associates

Cardiac: Ultrasound Team:
Marija Boricic-Kostic, MD
Ivana Nedeljkovic, MD, FESC
Milan Petrovic, MD, PhD
Bosiljka Vujisic-Tesic, MD, PhD, Chief
Danijela Zamaklar-Trifunovic, MD
Milorad Tesic, MD
Olga Petrovic, MD
Marko Banovic, MD

Stress Echo and Endothelial Function:
Jelena Stepanovic, MD, PhD, FESC
Ana Djordjevic-Dikic, PhD, MD, FESC
Vojislav Giga, MD
Marina Licina, MD
Ivana Stankovic, MD
Isidora Grozdic, MD

Pace-maker Center "Prof.dr Milan-Bane Djordjevic"
Goran Milasinovic, MD, PhD, FESC, Chief , and Associates

Cardiac Surgery:
Petar Djukic, MD, PhD
Miljko Ristic, MD, PhD, Head, and Associates

Vascular Surgery:
Lazar Davidovic, MD, PhD, Head
Dusan Kostic, MD, PhD, and Associates

Vascular Ultrasound:
Oliver Radmili, MD
Dragan Vasic, MD

Radomir Sindjelic, MD, PhD, Head
Natasa Kovacevic, MD, and Associates

Anaestesiology Policlinic:
Vera Vucicevic, MD
Biljana Milicic, MD
Edina Niksic, MD

Institute for Nuclear Medicine,
Clinical Center of Serbia:
Vladimir Obradovic, MD, PhD, Head
Smiljana Pavlovic, MD, PhD
Dragana Sobic-Saranovic, MD, PhD
Nebojsa Kozarevic, MD

International Guest Faculty

V. Ambrosini (Mercogliano, Italy)
P. Anthopoulos (Athens)
E. Atalar (Ankara, Turkey)
G. Bernardi (Udine, Italy)
I. Daehnert (Leipzig, Germany)
G.B. Danzi (Milan, Italy)
F. Eberli (Zurich, Switzerland)
O. Ergene (Izmir, Turkey)
L. Finci (Geneve, Switzerland)
A. Galassi (Catania, Italy)
M. Hamilos (Heraklion, Greece)
I. Herzfeld (Stockholm, Sweden)
A. Iancu (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
J. Koolen (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
O. Kozan (Istanbul, Turkey)
A. Lazarevic (Banja Luka, RS BIH)
A. Manginas (Athens, Greece)
A.B. Mehta (Mumbai, India)
L. Michalis (Ioannina, Greece)
N. Milanovic (Banja Luka, RS BIH)
N. Milicic (Krapinske Toplice, Croatia)
V. Mitrovic (Bad Nauheim, Germany)
G. Nikolic (Podgorica, Montenegro)
A. G. Osiev (Novosibirsk , Russia)
Z. Piroth (Budapest, Hungary)
Z. Plazonic (Rijeka, Croatia)
M. Rabrenovic (Podgorica, Montenegro)
P. Seferovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
R. Sicari (Pisa, Italy)
M. Sobot (Banja Luka, RS BIH)
C. Stefanadis (Athens, Greece)
M. Strozzi (Zagreb, Croatia)
A. Terzic (Rochester, USA)
K. Toutouzas (Athens, Greece)
I. Ungi (Szeged, Hungary)
D. Vulic (Banja Luka, RS BIH)
M. Weber (Bad Nauheim, Germany)
B. Weiner (Harvard, USA)
D. Zorman (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Local Faculty

A. Arandjelovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
S. Aleksandric (Belgrade, Serbia)
M. Ašanin (Belgrade, Serbia)
B. Beleslin (Belgrade, Serbia)
M. Dikic (Belgrade, Serbia)
P. Djukic (Belgrade, Serbia)
A. Djordjevic Dikic (Belgrade, Serbia)
M. Dobric (Belgrade, Serbia)
V. Dedovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
L. Davidovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
M. Grujic (Belgrade, Serbia)
V. Giga (Belgrade, Serbia)
D. Kalimanovska Ostric (Belgrade, Serbia)
D. Kostic (Belgrade, Serbia)
A. Kocijancic (Belgrade, Serbia)
J. Kostic (Belgrade, Serbia)
N. Kovacevic (Belgrade, Serbia)
G. Milašinovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
P. Mitrovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
D. Markovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
S. Mrdja (Belgrade, Serbia)
N. Mujovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
I. Mrdovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
Z. Mehmedbegovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
I. Nedeljkovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
D. Orlic (Belgrade, Serbia)
S. Pavlovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
J. Perunicic (Belgrade, Serbia)
M. Petrovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
M. Ristic (Belgrade, Serbia)
A. Ristic (Belgrade, Serbia)
P. Seferovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
D. Simic (Belgrade, Serbia)
D. Simeunovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
B. Stefanovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
G. Stankovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
S. Stojkovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
J. Stepanovic(Belgrade, Serbia)
R. Sindjelic (Belgrade, Serbia)
M. Tomasevic (Belgrade, Serbia)
V. Vukcevic (Belgrade, Serbia)
B. Vujisic Tešic (Belgrade, Serbia)
Z. Vasiljevic Pokrajcic (Belgrade, Serbia)
V. Vucicevic (Belgrade, Serbia)
M. Zivkovic (Belgrade, Serbia)

Serbian Faculty

S. Apostolovic (Nis, Serbia)
Z. Antonic (Belgrade, Serbia)
A. Aleksic (Belgrade, Serbia)
R. Babic (Belgrade, Serbia)
M. Bikicki (S. Kamenica, Serbia )
M. Colic (Belgrade, Serbia)
D. Debeljacki (S.Kamenica, Serbia)
D. Dincic (Belgrade, Serbia)
M. Djukic (Belgrade, Serbia)
B. Gligic (Belgrade, Serbia)
S. Hinic (Belgrade, Serbia)
B. Ilisic (Belgrade, Serbia)
V. Ivanovic (S. Kamenica, Serbia)
I. Ilic (Belgrade, Serbia)
N. Jagic (Kragujevac, Serbia)
R. Jung (S.Kamenica, Serbia)
I. Jovanovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
D. Kordic (Belgrade, Serbia)
Lj. Mangovski (Belgrade, Serbia)
Z. Mijailovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
B. Milosavljevic (Belgrade, Serbia)
A. Neskovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
N. Ninkovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
I. N ikolajevic (Belgrade, Serbia)
V. Obradovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
Z. Perisic (Nis, Serbia)
M. Pavlovic (Nis, Serbia)
S. Rusovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
D. Sagic (Belgrade, Serbia)
Dj. Stojsic (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Z. Stajic (Belgrade, Serbia)
D. Topic (Belgrade, Serbia)
N. Tomic (S.Kamenica, Serbia)
J. Saponjski (Belgrade, Serbia)

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